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Nostril retainer

Nostril retainer

When to use a nostril retainer?
Nasal retainers are used after cleft lip surgery and/or nose operations (rhinoplasty/septoplasty). It is used after the lip closing operation of cleft lip patients to create a more centered nose tip and prevent collapsing of the nostrils. It is also used after rhinoplasty or septoplasty to maintain the operative results after surgery. It helps to center the nose and lift the nostrils. It is also often used with asymetrical nostrils.

What size(s) should you order?
For use after Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty with adults
, we recommend to order a size between size 7 -> size 11. Most adults have a size 7 or 8. This nostril retainer comes with a box to store and clean the nostril retainer. This nostril retainer type is often used by surgeons in the Middle East and Turkey who are specialized in nose surgeries.

For use with (cleft) children, you can order between size 1 -> 5.
The Pharmacleft Nasal retainer is specifically designed for use with cleft lip patients, mostly children. It has a more curved design and shapes the nasal dome in a natural centered position and creates good airflow at the same time. The curved design is protected and enhances the symmetrical shape of the nostrils. It is made of a special biocompatible silicone that combines optimal user comfort (soft touch) with enough resilience to shape the nose. Silicone is also a very easy material to clean.
This is the best product for pediatric use. We will automatically ship you the Pharmacleft nasal retainer if you order a size between 1 - 5. Unless you request differently to us via e-mail or phone.

How to know your size?
1/ Contact your doctor to help you with your size.
2/ Put a measuring tape on the upper lip (under the nose) and take a picture of it. This way you can compare with the measurements given in the document below.

!! Please check your size carefully, because this is a medical device. Due to hygienic reasons, we cannot take items back !!

Legal disclaimer: cleftPharma is only a reseller and any advice given by us is non-professional medical adivce and for information purposes only. It is necessary to have your surgeon/doctor guide you through the process to help you decide on the size and explain you about how to correctly and safely use this product.

Make sure to read the Instructions for Use (IFU) before first use.

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